BOSO kitchen is a family-owned food business that I started out of a desire to create a residual income to finance an educational charity so very dear to my heart.


I was born and raised in a sub-saharan African country, where children cannot afford books. Most do not have school manuals, let alone books to read for pleasure.


With BOSO Kitchen, my family can work together on a worthwhile endeavor, to find solutions for problems in our environment. The nuts that I roast in small batches with so much care and the soups and salads that I make using natural and locally sourced ingredients provide delicious and nutritious foods. 
The nuts are a great snack, they are low in sugar and very delicately flavored with turmeric and chili. The soups and salads help you stay satiated while providing valuable fiber and proteins. The use of spices in the recipes is worth noting. They are judiciously added to enhance the taste of the main ingredients and never overwhelm them.


Stop by and stock up on nuts and legumes soups and salads to last you a week at a time!



P.O. Box 10794
Burke, VA, 22009